Easter Wheat Grass Centerpiece

I made this easy Easter centerpiece with the kids last week and I just had to share.  I only spent about six dollars and the kids had a great time watering their grass and watching it grow.  You will want to get this project started by Wednesday if want your grass to be ready for Easter Sunday.


Bucket, Basket, Pot, or other Container

Plastic Plant Tray

Potting Soil

Wheat Berries

Ribbon, Decorative Eggs, Fake Flowers, etc

Choose your container for the centerpiece and determine if you will need a plastic plant tray.  If you are using a basket you will definitely need one, but if your container is water tight you can place the soil directly into the container.  I picked up a tray that fit the top of my bucket and then placed an upside down bowl into the bucket to support the weight of the tray.  Don’t worry if your tray fits down lower in your container as the grass will grow quite tall.  Fill the tray with 1-2 inches of soil ( I just used dirt from my garden).

Cover the soil completely  with wheat berries ( I didn’t use enough for my first batch and had to add more) and water thoroughly.    I bought my wheat berries in the bulk foods section of the supermarket, but if your supermarket doesn’t have that option try the health food store or even the feed and seed.  Cover the wheat berries directly with plastic wrap and place in a warm location.  I put mine next to the turkey brooder and the heat lamp kept them warm.  Make sure your soil is moist every morning and add water if needed.

after only 48 hour they are starting to sprout

Once your grass has begun to grow you can remove the plastic wrap and place your wheat grass in a sunny window.  I let the kids water the grass with a spray bottle so they didn’t drown the grass.

Water regularly and remember that warm grass will grow faster.  Mine has grown so quickly that every morning I trim the grass with scissors and let the kids feed the clipping to the turkeys.

grass clippings

The turkeys love their grass clippings

Tie a big bow on your container and add any decorations that you like.  Place your beautiful centerpiece in the middle of the table and enjoy!


Bucket (I already had) – free (If you don’t have a container on hand try the thrift store)

Plant tray – $1.20

Soil (dirt from my garden) – free

Wheat berries – about $.75 worth

Wired Ribbon (on sale) $1.80

Decorative Eggs (on sale) $2.50

Total – $6.25



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5 responses to “Easter Wheat Grass Centerpiece

  1. mom

    Absolutely adorable!

  2. stagetecture

    Aww, Spring! Don’t we love it! :o)
    Thanks for the post!

  3. Jennifer

    I love this idea and your kids are blessed to have a Mama like you. So now you know… your Mom AND I read your blog

  4. Natalie Harman

    It’s so cute CECE! Your mom helped me get to your blog and you’re doing a great job. Love you

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