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Frozen Yogurt

It been a busy month!  I have been out of town for several weeks, and came home to an overwhelming amount of work to be done.  Things are starting to settle back into a routine around here and I have been eager to share the latest with all of you.  The garden is overflowing.  We have been enjoying kale, lettuce, bok choy, and spinach.  I got my first tomato last week and my herbs are thriving.  I will make the time to share some of my favorite recipes over the next few weeks as I try to make the most of the abundance from the garden.  We lost several chickens to a hungry family of skunks, but the ones that survived are about ready for butchering.  Expect to see chicken in upcoming recipes.

It has finally gotten hot!  So I had to share this simple recipe for frozen yogurt with you.


3 cups Greek style plain yogurt (or 5 cups plain yogurt)

1/2 – 3/4 cup sugar (or sweetener of your choice)

1 tsp real vanilla

Your favorite toppings!


You will need thick yogurt for this recipe so Greek yogurt works perfectly.  You can make your own Greek yogurt by straining plain yogurt through coffee filters or muslin.  I use my own homemade yogurt and strain it in coffee filters set in a strainer over a bowl, in the refrigerator.  It takes me three coffee filters to strain 5 cups, and I get about 2 cups of whey out of the yogurt.  I save the whey, a clear yellowish liquid, for soaking grains.  If I have a lot of whey I will give it to the chickens.  They love it and the protein is good for them.

Scoop the yogurt into a bowl.

Mix in vanilla and sugar.  Stir well so that the sugar dissolves completely.  If the yogurt isn’t nice and cold, let it sit in the fridge for a bit before placing in the ice cream maker.

Pour frozen yogurt mixture into your ice cream maker and follow manufacturers directions.   I have the ice cream attachment for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer and I absolutely love it!  It turns out soft serve ice cream in about 25 minutes, and after an hour or two in the freezer has a nice ice cream consistency.  I just store the ice cream bowl in the chest freezer so I can make ice cream anytime I feel like it.

During the last 5 – 10 minutes you can add fruit or other mix-ins, but I prefer to add mine just before serving.  For the kids I add fresh fruit.  My husband likes chocolate chips in his.  My favorite is to add fresh peaches and a tablespoon of Trader Joe’s raspberry wine.  The sweet tangy flavor of the yogurt is nice all by itself too!  Who doesn’t enjoy a dessert that is healthy enough to eat for breakfast?

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Feeding a Sick Family

I bought my first goats this week!

Mocha is a three year old registered Nigerian Dwarf doe.   I also bought one of her babies, I think we are going to name him Chino, as in Mocha – chino.  The verdict is still out.  Anyway Chino is a 9 week old wether (castrated male) who will serve as Mocha’s companion since goats are herd animals.  I have had a busy week between picking up the goats, getting them settled in, and beginning to milk Mocha (who has never been hand milked before).  Then on top of that I got sick this week.  Then, of course the kids got sick too.

I took the kids to the Doctor this morning.  He recommended giving the kids jello since they haven’t had much of an appetite.  So I headed to Wal-mart to pick up Jello, among other things.  Now that I have made a commitment to feed my family real, nourishing food I read the labels on everything.  Jello is, of course, nothing but gelatin, sugar, and food coloring.  Well I can’t really see how that is going to nourish my children, so I decided to make real fruit juice gelatin, instead.  My two year old loved it (the baby didn’t seem to care for the texture).  At least I know he got the benefit of real fruit while he was sick.  So if, like myself, you have never tried this before, here it is.

1 0z powdered gelatin

4 cups fruit juice (I used grape-apple-passion fruit)

Chill 1 cup juice.  Bring remaining 3 cups juice to a boil.  Pour chilled juice into a bowl  and sprinkle gelatin on top.  Let sit 1 minute.  Pour hot juice into bowl and stir till gelatin is dissolved.  Pour into a 9×13 pan and refrigerate for 3 hours.  Slice into cubes.

It isn’t any more work than making Jello, and it does qualify as a real food.

I also made myself some garlic soup (which oddly enough the baby loved even though it had two full heads of garlic in it).  This stuff is amazing.  I’ll be making more to freeze for next time my family, or one of my friends is sick.  It truly made me feel better.

I found the recipe on one of my favorite blogs.  Here it is

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