Four years ago my husband and I, along with my parents purchased a twelve acre property in southern Idaho, with the goal of becoming a self-sufficient “micro farm”someday.  We love our tiny cottages nestled among 100 ft. tall cottonwood trees (my parents also have a home on the property although they are not currently in residence).  We now raise our own vegetables, beef, lamb and turkeys.  We have a few small fruit trees, and this year we will be getting chickens as well.


My name is Cecilia and I am a twenty-eight year old Christian woman.  I married my wonderful husband four and a half years ago.  After 6 months of living in an apartment we packed up everything we owned and moved to Idaho.  We wanted land, wide open space, and good clean country living.  Here we are four years later living the homesteading lifestyle and loving it!

My children are the center of my life.  I have a two and a half year old son, and a ten month old daughter.  Everything I do, I do for them.  I am constantly looking for crafts, projects, and fun foods for them to enjoy.   I am passionate about cooking.  I love putting healthy, tasty, homemade, food on the table.  I intend to give you a glimpse into my kitchen as I share my favorite recipes and food tips with you.  I am by no means an experienced gardener, but I am learning as I go.  Every year gets a little better (well except last year, when between having a new baby in May and trying to put an  addition on the house,  all we managed to grow was a little lettuce and a lot of weeds).  My husband and I are both do-it-yourselfers and are constantly in the midst of several projects (right now we are finishing up a chicken coop, building a new turkey pen, and beginning to build some raised garden beds).  I plan on sharing our successes with you, and probably a few failures too, as we improve our home and property.  I hope you will join me on my adventure as a modern American homesteader.


2 responses to “About

  1. Sharon Clark

    Hi my name is sharon and I met your mom in my greenhouse class at VVC. When she did her career project about her farm, I was amazed because what your family practices is exactly what I want to do myself! I am married and my husband is currently in the marine corp. But we would like to buy a nice house and a considerable amount of land to have our own little farm and I want to be able to grow all my own food and to also learn how to cook anything I can think of. Your mom is very nice and she directed me to this website and said that in the years that I start my farm this site could guide me and even in the event that I REALLY needed help you guys would be there for guidence. I just want to thank you guys for putting up this site because I was at a total loss as to where I should begin. Thankyou so much and God bless your family.

  2. Sonia Weiss

    Hi Cecilia, I found this website and I couldn’t believe it was you. This is so cool. Will and I have plans to buy a large amount of land and moving our kids out of the city. We’ve been looking in Montana but how is Idaho? Will has 3 more years of military service before he’s done so right now it’s just in the planning stages. Miss you lots though and I read your blogs. I am so totally jealous 🙂 happy to see your doing so good and living an adventure. E-mail me sometime so we can chat. Talk soon, Sonia

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